Friday, April 25, 2008

Tools of the trade:

To repeat myself, there's only so much preparation one can do for this sort of thing, and then it happens for real and it's a free for all. I've used the example of jumping into a pool and learning how to swim after the fact - it's like that. We had a lot of parenting tools under our belt. We've read a ton of books (as Andrew grew and in preparation for this). We've taken classes. We've counted to 2 and have seen how much "magic" there is in that (not to knock it, b/c it does work). We've used principles from Love and Logic while raising Andrew (and recently bought the teen version), we know all about Common Sense Parenting and Raising Great Kids. Dobson, Sears, the list goes on ...

And while we believe in many (not all) of those techniques, we're learning that sometimes things are different. And we need some different techniques to meet our unique situation.

So, we stopped at Barne's and Noble tonight, and stocked up on a few new essentials (if you can believe it I bought books from the actual bookstore. Be shocked. My debit card was). I'll share 3 of them with you:

This has come recommended by several people. I've only browsed it but am sure I will recommend it to many others myself. It's opening our eyes to a lot. I wish it were required reading in foster parent training. We have already been doing a few things, like attachment therapy, and cuddle time every night after bath. He likes to snuggle in your neck while you sing to him. While this might make it more difficult when (if) he leaves us, we're called to love him with all we have, and that's what we're going to do. I also have another book that has similar ideas, which I am very excited to read.

I get home around 5:30. He's ready to eat at about 5:45. He is not much fun when hungry. And this is my solution! Figure I can do these @ least 3 times a week. The other two nights I'll cook freezer meals that I've put together over the weekend, or have quick meals, make Jason cook (which he does folks, and he's good!), or cook the meal the night before if possible. Organization is slipping back into my life and I am a little giddy. Already have my grocery list ready for manana!

And, no this isn't really a essential item, but it's a cowboy book (on clearance!) and he asked very sweetly, batting those huge eyelashes in my face.

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