Monday, May 26, 2008

In today's news ...

Drew had his final game yesterday (and won!). We transferred everything to our timeshare and said bye bye to Nana & Grandpa and then planned on BBQing some dinner, but Andrew asked if we could go eat on the town. So we did – and we made him “dress up” – b/c hey, if you’re spending a night in town you need to look the part. Little J loved the water show! We had a nice time, though we noticed more and more camera hiccups. While we were out an older couple approached us and were quite smitten with the little dude, they were from Spain and asked if we spoke Spanish. We said muy pequeto(?) to which he replied by going on and on and on (in Spanish) about his great granddaughters (we think), several photos were included (they were adorable girls by the way!). It was so funny!

This morning we ate at Sonic (they have a Frito chili cheese wrap, which only a few people can fully appreciate – two of those people being me & Drew). Then we headed to Red Rock Canyon for some outdoor adventure. It was there that we realized the camera had completely kicked the bucket (and for people who had finally spent the time and money to get a good camera, this was devastating). Jason decided we should drive to back to Best Buy (which was at the offramp for the exit for RRC). We walked in, showed the guy the photos our camera was snapping, and walked out 5 minutes later with a brand new camera (same model). We headed back to Red Rock and took some photos.And yea for Best Buy!

We went back into town for dinner and a little viewing, followed by some swimming.

Checked the cost of a Town & Country – it’s about 40K … looks like I better say goodbye tomorrow! Won’t be making that purchase, especially since our Dave Rasmey goal is to buy our next car with cash. Hmmmmm … I don’t think Vegas is helping with that…

We're staying in a sort of sub-property of our timeshare. I booked pretty last minute and couldn't get into the resort property on LV Blvd. Anyway, my point of all that is to tell you that the closet in the master bedroom is so stinkin' huge, it literally fits our stuff and little J's pack n' play. It's like his own room - he was thought it was very "cool!!!!!".

Jay & Drew are doing a Sonic run for some shakes and then we're down for the night - heading home tomorrow ... yawn....................

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