Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Isn’t technology fun?

So, on Sunday our computer decided to stop allowing internet access. My husband did all his computer magic and discovered we had a corrupted wireless adaptor (or something that sounds similar to that … ?) and in the end he took the computer to Best Buy. And guess what? Our warranty expired 5 days ago. That’s right, folks. 5 days.

In the end Jason fixed it (well, he didn’t repair the hard drive – he just went around the issue) and now it works again – which is GREAT news, b/c finals are this week.

And in the interest of more exciting story telling: we got a new camera, which I am super eager to put to use. We have been talking about getting a higher end digital for some time and after much research (of course), finally made the purchase. It’s far more advanced then the digitals I am used to, so there’s a lot of user guide reading to be done (it came w/ 3 different books – Eek!), but I can already tell the difference in picture quality. My only con thus far is that it isn’t a slim camera so it’s not like I can stick in my pocket – but I knew I had to sacrifice slim style for specs, and optical zoom, and IS, and all that fun stuff we wanted! Obviously, we did all of this when we still thought our laptop issue was a minor DSL problem and didn’t realize it was a hard drive issue!

Anyway, we’re going on a trip this weekend, so I should have some decent photos to show you upon return!


  1. oooh - looks like you have a fancier version of what we have - you will LOVE it!!

  2. Traci have fun with your new camera. I know that I am lucky to have a digital camera because I have now divided my pics of robbie into folders...1 month, 2month,and you'll find that your pics are now going to double since J is part of your family. I'm sure you allready have a system. I have the oldie Cannon EOS. I don't even know all the gadgets to my simple digital camera so I'm afraid i would just be lost with a newer one. I hope you saved everything from your hardrive! yikes, we had the same thing but with the fires last Oct. Robert saved everything.
    Thanks for the playlist idea, I love It!!!!