Monday, May 05, 2008

Life (as we know it!).

It has been over a month since little J has been in our home. It seems like yesterday since we picked him up and in the same breath I can tell you that I can’t remember life without him.

As far as Jason & I go, I’ll tell you we miss each other like crazy. We’re at a point where we’re ready to start dating (each other – LOL!), we’ll be making it a commitment to have “our time”. We spent pretty much the whole month of April at home, all together – but obviously there was no “our” time involved in that! Though we did dance in our kitchen last night … aww…I am addicted to Coke again. We don’t do coffee, so soda is our choice of poison, and it’s been recurrent the last few weeks … sometimes you just need caffeine! We’re adjusted in the way of routines and such.

Little J, well he’s made himself 100% at home, no doubt about that! He loves, loves, loves Andrew. He still struggles with things 2 year olds should never have to struggle with, but we feel he has grown so much (emotionally, but also physically – he’s gaining weight!). In the beginning he’d say “eat”, now he says “I am hungry”. He’s learning to say “I am angry” instead of acting out physically. I am sure it will be a long, long process but we’ll get there!

Some days are complete total joy and some days call for earlier bedtimes and tears (from me!). Some days there is total patience as we learn new behaviors and some days we, well … we lack on the patience and all you can do is just sit down right where you are at, count to 10, and silently ask for help, before standing back up! Our guy is something else! He likes to make a grand entrance when he shows up at places he’s comfortable at (if it’s a new place, he plays the shy guy). He likes to play chase with the kids after church on the grass (but then thinks I am “chasing” him myself when I call him, and trust me I am NOT playing chase … but I’d rather be the nerd parent who grabs their runaway kid, then the nerd parent who stands by and watches misbehavior b/c it’s easier then acting on it … yeah, we’re still working on the “church chasing” … it’s the only place he does it, and of course he thinks it’s hilarious! And yesterday he was doing it in the midst of text messages & trying to figure out what time I’d be at Rebekahs after Jason’s meeting; I’ve so not mastered multi-tasking yet). He is starting to realize that maybe, just maybe these new people are really here to love and protect him, and now sometimes he’ll yell for me once he’s in bed, and when I walk in there, he’ll pat his bed, and say “cuddle, please!!!!!!!” When we walk at the park at night, I’ll point out the baseball players and he’ll say “I play b-ball!!!”, which he does! He will be starting swimming lessons this upcoming week – he loves our little pool, so let’s hope he loves the big one! On Sunday Kevin hit Andrew (all out of love folks, lol!) while Drew was holding J, and J went off, pointing at Kevin saying “hitting no-no, hitting no-no. say sorry!!” … it was so FUNNY (of course like 10 minutes later I see J hitting a little girl … sigh, we’re still working on that too). He is super smart (I call it learned survivor skills) and some of it astonishes me, and some of it makes me sad that he would even have had to worry about certain things on his own at 2. It’s a lot of work, but a ton more JOY.

What a journey … !

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  1. Traci, I love hearing about your little guy. Thank you for sharing. I'm learning lots just reading your entries.

    Kelly W (from HP)