Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On traveling with a toddler -->

I had wanted to post a trip recap on the way home or last night, but my boys (the older two) were being computer hogs! So a day late, but here’s my lunch time thoughts:

We arrived home safely, with about a 15 minute screaming bout which literally made me pull over the car (without the typical pre-requisite of a “don’t make me pull over this car!” disclaimer). Little J just can’t calm himself on his own (like he doesn’t know how – literally) and I could no longer stand the screaming. The rest of the ride home he did well, although he only slept for about a ½ hour. He was extremely glad to get out of the car though! As were we! What a trooper!

Overall he did very well (except for the stealing a stuffed animal from a Nascar gift shop - several of you are laughing at that. The kid likes Nascar, what can I say? Jason walked back to pay for the item and we’ll be donating it to the Good Will or something.) It was definitely a new experience for us – we’re pretty new at all of this 2 year old 'mom & dad' stuff, and trying to manage life out of a hotel room was a challenge. We were pretty much running late to everything. Things got easier at the timeshare, since it has a more “homey” feel to it. But I can easily say that it is very good to be home and back into routine. From what I recall, Andrew was a pretty mellow toddler; he’s still a mellow kid. He did great on the ride home, btw ;-)

A foster mom friend who has a boy around little J’s age suggested a sling to help with the “calming down” and attachment stuff and it works like magic. He loves it! So does my back! My friend Brandi loaned me a few of her wraps and such and I also got a hip hammock, so we were able to test a few different things out. I think I may need to purchase a Mayo wrap because that baby has some magic calming powder stuffed in it or something. He still gets heavy (@ about 27 pounds), but if it helps, then I am game. Thanks friends!

We have our final final exam tonight (make sense?) so there’s another sigh of relief. 20 questions and 2 essays in 3 hours...sigh... What’s worse is that I am the writer of the family. It’s what I do. I have a friend, co-worker and husband who typically send me the majority of their stuff to “edit” before sending out and I am noticing more and more that their writing is almost perfect and my “editing” isn’t necessary. And here’s the kicker – Jason’s mid-term essays scored higher then mine (smack in the pride for me!!) – he literally wrote better essays then I did. I am chalking it up to me being a good teacher (got to take the credit somehow, right? No, really, I am proud of my man!). Anyway, it’s so on tonight … we’ll see who writes the better essays … bring it on baby! Ha!

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