Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vegas BABY!

We’re in Vegas for Drew’s b-ball tournament. He played two games today and has one more tomorrow and the rest of the time is left for chillin’!

We rented a Town & Country and we’re in love with it (you know I wouldn’t blog about a rental car unless I really loved it – or hated it, I guess). Anyway, it’s super comfy and has a lot of fun techie stuff, like built in car seats (HELLO! Who knew that even existed?), 2 DVD players (even though we had brought 1 portable and our laptop), and camera’s that show the stuff around you when you’re backing up. The picture below is Jason discovering where the rear camera was actually located – hilarious!

In between Drew’s game we went to Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden to see the dolphins and lions and boy did we get a treat (see below).

Also, my parents graciously offered to watch the boys tonight so we could go on our first date night in 7 weeks! We had a lot of fun & enjoyed our time together. From here on out we’re going to plan a night every other week or so (right mom? Ha!). Keeping our marriage a priority is soooo vital and of incredible importance for the foundation of our family and the happiness of our children. Someone hold us accountable to this commitment!

And when in Vegas … win the jackpot (alright, so it was a penny machine and the word “jackpot” can be coined as a bit deceiving). But I only put a buck in and it paid for dinner (& more!) – thanks for the dollar babe!

In camera news, we’ve run into a few burps, and we’re not sure if it’s the camera or the user – still haven’t had time to read all the books. We’ll probably take it to Best Buy to have them look at a few of the issues and see where to go from there …

We’re looking forward to warmer days ahead … it was a stormy drive. Little J watched Cars (of course) and Drew managed to keep internet access on the laptop for the majority of the drive, so that’s impressive! Anyway, if I have a few before sleep minutes another night I'll update again ...

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  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    So that means we GET to babysit every two weeks. Yeah!!! Should I mark my calendar for the rest of the year? God first, Spouse next and the kids will always be taken good care of.
    Love Ya',
    Mom & Pop