Friday, June 20, 2008

Beautifully Imperfect

So, I am becoming more of a blogger reader {outside of the peeps I actually know … ya’ know, a friend of a friend sort of thing … I am growing!}. What else is one supposed to do during the 9-5 working hours {kidding; well, kinda}

Anyway, my point {I have a point!} is that one of my new favorite reading blogs is Nesting Place - this woman is all about having a beautiful, imperfect home on a budget. I am so there. And she's got a ton of useful tips to boot.

She’s challenged her readers to show a photo of the imperfect beautiful corners of each of their homes. And in my blogger reading growth (HA!), I’ve decided to participate. Late. Because I can be a procrastinator, but that’s how we roll.

When I first read her post about this, these are the 2 first places I thought of. I am sure I have other things in my house that would apply {like the mystery of our ever expanding dirty carpet which has recently been solved: little boy juice/water sippy cups leaking little drips on the carpet, followed closely by little boy dirty shoes running around. EXPLAINS a lot!}. But these two things I find the most beautiful. Allow me to explain …

I collect shoes {for me, and now Jx2, b/c I can score deals and they’re just so cute. Jason & Drew don’t do cheap shoes so they miss out on the party}. I like shoes organized. And when I purchased this cubby thing I was thinking further organization, not a place for shoes to be STUFFED into when we got a placement. But they are stuffed, and sometimes I must physically restrain myself from attempting to organize the stuffed cubbies. Should a 2 year have so many pairs of shoes? BUT it is beautiful! Why? Because there is a 2 year old in my home. AND because this little guy has a billion shoes stuffed right next to his cubbies of toys which is right next to his own personal bed which is right next to his brand new big brothers. Beautiful.

And Drew’s drawer, well, this is a battle I gave up long ago. Sadly, I’ll admit there was a time I would sit and organize these stinking drawers. Jason’s drawers also {his look somewhat similar to this, btw, but I didn’t think he’d be too happy if I took a photo for you}. I freed myself from this and now just set Drew’s clothes on his desk, and close my eyes really tight and he stuffs them in the drawer {though I’ll admit to maybe twice yearly cleaning in those drawers!}. And this is beautiful because it shows that my family is blessed with clothing to keep us warm, and it’s a reminder of the sweet boy who dwells here even when he’s not physically here, and it brings a smile to my face just thinking of some of the shirts and his sense of humor.

So, there you have it. The 2 most beautiful imperfect places in my house

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  1. What a beautiful thing that you are clothing your family for less$$. And organizing so nicely. My boys are lucky if they can find two flip flops that are a right and a left.