Friday, June 06, 2008

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

As a teenager I was treated to a day at Glen Ivy once a year. One of my dear friends Cara and I would go pamper ourselves & get massaged {usually at one of our mothers expense}. We both married and somehow that tradition faded {but seriously Cara, we need to go to Glen Ivy!}. I've been trying to talk Jason into going for like the last 10 years and the man wouldn't have any of it. So, imagine my surprise as we walk through the check in center onto the grounds of the resort and I hear "Oh wow. This place is pretty cool". Yes, dear, I know! I also heard about 5 or 6 "we need to do this more often" during the course of the day. All that to say my hubby has now come on over to the good side ... the really good side, and I welcome him! I think his only concern of the day was in the couple's room getting ready for our massages, he whispers "do I have to get buck naked?". The less clothing, the better the massage - take it off, honey! {sorry! sorry! will keep it G rated here}!

Prior to our trip we stopped at the cemetery and the craziest thing happend. Jason was at the water facet {pretty large distance between us}, and the only one around was another lady about 10 feet away holding a baby. Out of the corner of my eye I see a animal walking across the grass. I stop to watch it and as it approaches it seems to look sorta like a dog, but bigger, and leaner, and more defined, and it's nose it longer and scary. My mind is racing at this point, but I just stand there and stare, as does the lady with the baby. Finally, she steps to me and says "Is that a WOLF?" {which is what I was thinking myself!} and I reply by telling her that I think it might be, and I ask if we're in danger {like she was a wolf expert or something, lol}. She said she didn't know but thought we shouldn't move. So we stood and watched the wolf walk by us, making eye contact and heading to the edge of the grounds. I am pretty freaked, b/c I am at the cemetery {not a very cheerful place, ya know?} and a freakin' wolf trots by me {and in my mind I am thinking wolf = evil, on a spiritual level}. Jason says it was probably a coyote, and my co-worker thinks it may have been a fox, but me and the lady {the people who got a close up!} were certain it was a wolf. I realize I sound crazy, I do! The thing is, as I was getting my massage I realized something. Evil will hunt us, walk by, visit us in our dark places ---> but it will not touch us. We are protected. I am protected. I can't help but wonder if the wolf was symbolic. {and from now on I am taking mase to the cemetery with me}.

I also believe God showed me something about my place in my grief journey. It's a story for a different day, a different blog post - but I wanted you to know that He was there. In the massage room with me and my buck naked husband {who was under the sheets on his own little bed people! Geesh!}.


  1. Lol.. Great photo!!

    Glad you had a nice day.

  2. I am really going to have to look into this place. i've heard of it too and Robert would actually much rather get a massage at home so I should have requested this on my ten year anniversary. oh well, i'll have to ask on my birthday!
    hope you had fun. Esther