Friday, June 27, 2008

I’ve done it.

I’ve crossed over. I now will be one of those annoying people driving around with a thing in their ear and the peeps in surrounding vehicles will spend some time wondering if I am talking to myself {or Jesus! Ha!} before it dawns on them I have a phone shoved in my ear. What is my life coming to?

These phone thingies are one of my biggest pet peeves {comes second to fake people. People who lie & manipulate with their words to try to look good publicly, but their actions and “real” self show something completely different. They are really mean & you wonder why they try so hard to be fake nice, b/c in the end it’s all about character and eventually everyone will see true character. It’s hard to maintain kindness with these people. Reminder to self: kindness is a gift of the Spirit & should not be based on emotions. Another reminder to self: make sure your own character is in check as you spew these words {are you the same on Sunday mornings as you are in the privacy of your own home?}. End of tangent. Off my soapbox, sorry. OH! It might actually come in 3rd to people who make right hand turns from the middle of the lane … turn lane people, turn lane!}. Back to phones stuffed in ears. I really can not stand them. I know, I know, there are instances when it’s necessary {like apparently now, when driving in a car & talking on a phone. Phone in ear or ticket? I choose the ear stuffing.} But really, the people who never take them out, come on! The people who wear them to their children’s sports games or school events and keep them attached to their head as if those physically around them are less important then who ever may happen to call. The lady at Trader Joe’s who walks around chatting it up and stands in front of the corn for 5 minutes talking about her boyfriends brother, when really, I just wanna grab some corn. Ya’ll know what I am talking about. And now I am one of them.

If I am ever standing in front of the corn for an extended period of time and appear to be blabbing to myself about nothing – feel free to smack me.

{{I felt it necessary to publicly disclaim my new ear piece, b/c I have not been silent about my dislike of them; and have indeed several times removed them from the heads of family & friends when they were being worn for extended periods of time. I know, I know … I am eating my words.}}


  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Yes, but your eating them with humility and that makes them easier to swallow. Welcome to the 21st Century my dear.

  2. like I would identify myself here2:13 PM

    I get it. The co-worker who is like Jeckyl and Hide and you don't know what attitude or action to expect day to day. It really is all about appearances, didn't you get the memo? wait, we work together - so you did get the memo and you know about the above stated coworker ''''

    Now about the bluetooth '''' oh, my phone is ringing, must go now!

    tehe tehe

  3. Anonymous2:15 PM

    also, this says it was posted by Jason and I know that is not true. You were logged in under the wrong name girl.