Sunday, July 27, 2008

The highlight of the weekend:

We saw pig races, grandma's, trophies from the 70's, scored on 1.97 shirts and shorts @ Pennys and spent hours of swimming in our backyard inflatable pool, but the highlight of the weekend was ...

(if blogs could make sounds you'd hear a drumroll right about now)

poo-poo in the potty.

That's right folks. Poo poo. Actually IN the potty. There were tears. Mommy tears. And a happy dance. And a call to Nana. And a treat.

All the hard work. And wet choo-choo undies. And puddles. It pays off. It does.

Now, if we can only get him to do it again.

- T, signed in as my hubs


  1. WOOHOO!!!! Way to Go Mr. JayJay!
    (I assume you are talking about JJ). ;-)

  2. yippee! can we get some of that over here????

  3. GUESS WHAT?! Mine went poo poo in the potty this weekend too! And really, if we can only get her to do that AGAIN. She did it once when she was about 19 mo old...and now on Sat....and then again on Sat, only NOT in the potty. don't they understand why we get SO excited and buy them stuff?? Don't they want a repeat?? Maybe we scare them...

  4. FYI - you've got a surprise waiting for you on my blog...I know you're just shaking with excitement!

  5. Way to go big Man! It's amazing how something as yucky as poo poo can make us Mommies do a happy dance!