Monday, July 14, 2008

How do you know when you're close to the top of the hill?

At 22 he was incredibly hot {albeit a bit a cocky. Ha!} He stepped in and interrupted a dance so he could be my partner, b/c my current one was “not worthy”. I have no clue what song was playing and I also had no clue that the moment would forever alter my life.

At 26 he became my husband. He did that little Irish slapping of the feet together thing as we exited the church after walking back down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. to Adam Sandler’s “Grow Old With You”. We spent the following week in Mexico, where I learned he had this weird fear of horses and really, really old men stripping in a night club {but, I guess, who doesn’t?}

At 31 he showed me that he really meant that for better or worse part. He taught me that good things can come from bad things and that the two really do become one.

And today, at 34, he still is able to make me laugh {@ penguins on the beach or treeing like a leaf} and he is still incredibly hot {minus the cocky} and sadly he’s still afraid of horses {in all fairness Thunder did try to kill him in that quiet meadow in the Rocky Mountains}. He is a man of principles and honesty. He is someone who really always tries to do the right thing. He hates the beach yet he’s spent every weekend for the last month there because his family wanted to go. He does my laundry. And he does it well, people. He always says he likes my new recipes, even when I am 100% certain he’s lying because my dog takes a sniff and backs away in terror. He’s kind and thoughtful of others, even at his own personal expense. He gives of himself. He humbly apologies when he’s in the wrong {to everyone; even when I am being stubborn and think he shouldn’t b/c they don’t deserve it}. He likes window shopping. He pretends to watch Pride & Prejudice with me, even though I know he’s never really paid attention to the story and can’t really decipher the accents. He would do anything for his children {even though I don’t think what he does & the sacrifices he makes are recognized nearly enough} and is always seeking new ways to be a better dad. He brings me chocolate ice cream and gummy bears on bad days. He really, really only seeks the opinion of One, and that, folks is something I greatly admire about him. He doesn’t care if he’s misjudged by others {whereas I want to stand up and fight for my man} as long as he {and those he loves} understand his intentions. I’m trying to learn that from him. He stands up for what he believes in {kinda like that I bent my toe guy, right babe?} And he makes some mean BBQ dishes. I am a lucky gal, if I do say so myself {and I do!}.

Happy Birthday! YOU are an amazing husband, father, friend and we are blessed to have you be the head of our home.

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  1. Happy Birthday Jason.

    What a great post.