Monday, August 11, 2008

Carmel trip …

Friday night after driving what seemed like a million miles in the middle of flippin’ no-where with not a single light to guide us {and small fleeing thoughts of men with chainsaws popping out in front of us}, we finally arrived at our campground. We spent Friday night lying on top of the car gazing at the magnificent display of stars overheard {& tried to remember names of things from our nifty Astronomy class}. We woke up Sat. talking about how much we missed camping {I think the last time we went camping we had the same feelings, we even made a pact w/ our friends to camp once a quarter ---- that was … well, 12 months ago}.

Saturday we ventured down to Monterey’s Fishermen’s Wharf and had lunch at a very nice restaurant which was {I swear!} ran by the Italian mafia. Jason had the “best swordfish of his life” and I had a pretty tasty bread bowl of claim chowder, while watching the Sea Lions flop around & a Seagull successfully steal a fishermen’s sandwich out of his lunch bag while he watered down the boat floor.

The hotel … I was totally put in my place as we realized our hotel was more of a little Inn and was super adorable. Courtyard in front of our window had trellis’ of Bougainvilles, we had a mini kitchen, and they served a full on complimentary breakfast in the dining room. So, it wasn’t The Mission Ranch, but it was beyond what we needed, and I was super thankful!

Saturday night we went to the wedding and were treated to a very delicious dinner @ Il Fornaio. I’d compare the filet to Orange Hill {which is my all time favorite, so props for the steak!}.

Sunday we opted to take the scenic drives through Monterey, the 17 mile drive through Pebble Beach and the scenic coast of Carmel. We went to the visitor center & picked up a walking map tour to discover all of the hidden pathways & secret courtyards of Carmel. We spent a few hours playing with that & eating fudge. I love the enchanted forest feel of Carmel – it actually reminds me of some of the small towns in Switzerland & Austria that we visited. We stopped at the Mission and then hunkered down for the long drive home, with a symbolic stop at Andersen’s Split Pea Soup. Had to sign the guest book, ya know …

Our trip photo’s can be found here {mostly of the ocean & cute Carmel buildings & some more of the wedding!}.


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