Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dude. It's hot.

My Type-A personality is requiring a list today.

1. It’s hot, if you didn’t catch that from the title. Not only hot. It’s humid and sticky and just gross. This isn’t normal beach weather and someone needs to tell mr. marine layer that it’s time to get back to work. The a/c in my car doesn’t work and when we had it looked at last winter they wanted to charge close to $800 to fix it. At the time we made the decision to not get it fixed. A/c in the car isn’t a necessity {says the money mission man who I am sure is not melting in his car on the drive home from his office}.
Yeah, I am re-thinking that one.

2. Jason and I are going out of town this weekend. Alone. I am soooo excited to spend time alone with my hubs. SO EXCITIED. But I am seriously sad @ leaving the little guy. Weirdness. Anyway, I just booked our campsite. Yup, we’re camping {for tomorrow night anyway}. We spent some serious time agonizing over this. The town we’re staying in is super expensive. And super glorious. And oh, how hard to resist the adorable B&B’s. Oh, how hard! But common sense and the above stated money mission keep telling me that we are only going to be there for 2 days and we have plans on Sat. night, therefore we would not be able to spend any time in the cozy, super sweet, ultra pricy B&B on the beach. Did I mention it’s adorable? Will power {make wise $ decisions, wise $ decisions, repeat}! We opted for a {pricelined} hotel instead. {Note lack of excitement in previous sentence.} And on Friday, we opted to camp which oddly enough makes up for the hotel on Sat. I love camping; I think it’s romantic and I like {pretending} to be rustic {in my cozy camper cabin which DOES have a/c}. And I like campfires. Excitement back in full gear! The hubs spent today stocking up on treats for our coastal road trip. An adventure in waiting …

The money guy tells me I’ll be thankful someday down the line when we have successfully built a bulging savings account. I think I’d consider it success to look back on a debit free life, with the ability to freely give. Perhaps I should just be thankful we were blessed with the finances and resources to take this mini trip at all! I think God delights with us in times of refreshment and renewal …

Btw – not to promote Dave Ramsey – er, again – I just wanted to say that if you’re looking for a way to have control of your finances this is a good route to take. He completely opened our eyes to the biblical view of debit and totally challenged how we spend & save money {ya know, for things like foster parenting and braces}.

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  1. I've been hearing a lot about the "money man" from my hubby lately too....stuff I HATE thinking about, but is much needed. Have you started "snow balling" your debt yet? It's such a good feeling!

    Way to go with being "frugal" and not fixing your AC!! I'm impressed.