Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's a jungle out there,

Yesterday while the little guy was taking his 3 hour nap {AMEN, anybody?} I was laying flat out on our couch in a half awake / half asleep state watching reruns of 90210 and fretting about my gardens.

This is my beloved apple tree. August is harvest time for this type of apple {Beverly Hills, ironically, one of the few that grow well on the coast}. Pitful, isn't it?

This summer has been super busy {in a good summery way, actually} and my poor garden is reaping the consequences. It doesn’t help that legally, I am only allowed to water on Mon., Thur., or Sat. between certain hours, or that Jx2 is allergic to apples. Our front & back yards are looking more like a jungle and less like my favorite garden spots. Yesterday in my sickened state of Kleenex , apple tree daydreams and Dylan and Brenda drama, I realized that this is even the more reason to be super excited about the upcoming changing of seasons. FALL. Sept – Dec is my favorite time of year. New gardens, new chances.

I feel sort of back in action today {as you can tell by the fact that I trekked outside to take a pic!}. I went to urgent care first thing Sunday morning and hours later found myself laying on a table explaining to some man who was hooking me up for an EKG that I really was just there for a head cold. It was a long, awful day {with a few ugly cries, I’ll admit} but things are better now! In the last 14 days my little fam has been to the doc 9 times combined. I vote for a healthy fall season, what do ya say?

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