Monday, August 18, 2008

Let’s add some serious antihistamines and children’s Advil in the mix.

Oh, and a tent too. Just for fun.

Jason got the good news that his chest X-rays were clear on Friday. No phenomena. Just acute bronchitis. I decided to create a bit more drama by eating something I am allergic too {mushrooms being the only known allergy} and spent the day going back to the doctor for a head to toe red & itchy body full of hives. Thing is I don’t recall a mushroom making its way into my mouth, so that means there may be another culprit. An unknown culprit. Andrew got some stomach flu and opted to stay @ his moms for the weekend {and I don’t blame him, all we had to offer for the weekend was a porta-potty}.

Our camping plans took a lot of effort to set into motion – we had to plan around Andrew’s sports & go through the court stuff to clear Jx2. And if we cancelled we would be losing out on some already paid reservations. So we packed up our meds and tissue and headed out. I have to admit I was feeling pretty good about it all as we drove to Julian. We initiated Jx2 into our road trip sing alongs and I almost shed a tiny tear when the little guy exclaimed “AGAIN!” after Tim McGraws “Fly Away” {oh, Andrew would have been so proud!}.

We spent the weekend breathing fresh mountain air and just hanging out and relaxing at camp. Nothing very exciting, but it was nice to move @ a slower pace. Saturday I caught Jason’s cold. As did Jx2 {thus enters the Children’s Advil which I thankfully had brought along & I got for free, props to CVS}. He ran a fever all Sat. night {& yesterday}, but he remained in a mostly good, playful mood. We got home early yesterday and he was content snuggling & napping & watching sports most of the day.

I think I am still in the beginning stages of Jason’s cold {seeing as how he spent all last week in @ home in bed and is just now feeling better}. I was sort of feeling like my head might explode as my antihistamine high was wearing off last night when the little guy ran over, put his head on my lap and said “I love yooooooouuuuuuuuuuu mommy!”. And that can pretty much make anything better, can’t it?

School starts back up today {for us} and Jason has a 24 hour business trip to AZ this week. … sigh …

In the midst of my sickness, I thought I’d leave you with something fun and summery. Looks good, I wish I could reach through the screen for a taster.

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