Monday, August 04, 2008

Sunday nights cook:

My friend Brandi made all of her kids plan and cook dinner a few months ago. We stole the idea. You probably will too now that you’ve heard it. {all about life lessons, ya know?}

Andrew actually seemed open to this idea. He searched some recipes and decided on Coke Steak and Fries from a book we bought Jason for father’s day. Since it was a grilling recipe Jason was the designated helper and I totally had the night off. This made the idea seem even more brilliant. {Though I did do Drew’s usual cleaning up chores, as the cook doesn’t do the cleaning in our house}.

His first stop was the store to get the items we didn’t have on hand. Then after church he marinated the steaks. And a few hours later he got to grilling.

Seriously. It was a success. It was SO good. Granted, we don’t do much red meat in our house, so you put a big juicy steak in front of us and we’re pretty easy to please! The steak had great flavor and Drew also used the marinade to coat and grill some onion slices. Yum! I hope he was proud b/c it was an awesome meal. I also hope he realized this means he just might be rotated into the meal schedule.


  1. I love that idea. I might just steal it in a few years. BTW - share the recipe please. I want a yummy steak now.

  2. That looks AWESOME! Jim is going to want Andrew to come cook for us if I show him that photo. :-) Good job Andrew!

  3. Making me oh so hungry!!