Friday, September 05, 2008

Before & After project


One of my favorite bloggers is hosting a before & after project thingy {for lack of better wording – lol!}. Anyway, my point is we’re joining in the fun, and I am officially posting our intent here, thus incorporating some sort of accountability.

Jason laughed at me b/c I have so MANY projects {including the jungle garden!}, but my project of choice will be our bed area. A few months ago we got a new bed {which is a story in and of itself --> we’d been sleeping all these years in a super uncomfortable full bed. Read that people: FULL size. Yes, we were squished, but we sure did snuggle every night. Some friends, Jeevan & Tami bought a new bed & we thankfully inherited their old QUEEN size bed. I will tell you that every singe night as I lay my head down I think about how comfortable our new bed is. We bought Egyptian cotton sheets to celebrate. Tami also passed along her very chic headboard, and people, I love how it looks in my bedroom!}. A few months ago we also bought some great wall stickers from my friend Kristi {I’d tell you what they say, but I think I’ll leave that story for the after post!} and we thought we’d just pull our old sconces right off the wall and put the stickers up. Ha! The walls underneath were black from the candles, which took major cleaning, which took a bit of paint off the wall. And I didn’t consider the fact that there are nails for hanging, so the walls need to be patched & then re-painted. Apparently, I didn’t think all of this through. And finally, I very much have wanted a new comforter set. When we got the queen bed, I thought it was the perfect excuse to get one, but I was waiting until I found the perfect set. And one day while cruising through a department store I stumbled on it! Exactly what I want for our bed; something to spice up the room a bit. Altogether it will run close to $400 and the frugal blood in me is wrestling with that. So, I’ve decided I can make it … (!!!!!????????). Why not, right? People make things all the time! If it bombs and looks nothing like the ideas of my perfect bed set I might chunk the idea and fork over the money. Just so ya’ll know, I’ve never ever bought a full comforter set {w/ pillows, etc.}. I’ve always found deals and made it work {and that’s me justifying the purchase if it indeed needs to happen}.

So, that’s what we’re doing and um … we’re going to get it done by 09.26.08.

I’ll try to get you a before picture soon!

p/s – I’ll just apologize right now for the fact that I can’t say anything without using 400 words or more.

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