Monday, September 08, 2008

Chlorine & Footballs

Saturday was a big day for our boys. Jx2 started swimming lessons @ the Y, and Drew had his first official football game {his first year playing tackle}.

JX2 did really well. There were about 8 kiddo’s 2 and under, and only one mom! The rest were dad’s, so I opted to sit on the sidelines as to not screw up the cuteness of the daddy & me theme. At first it was a pool full of screaming children, but some smart fella threw rubber duckies in the water and laughter soon ensued. Jx2 will tell anyone who listens that he learned to swim & he will show you his front stroke --- which is odd seeing as how the lesson was all about kicking while holding onto a paddle board. What ever makes the story better, I guess.

Drew is like a full grown man and I am not really sure when that happened but someone needs to bring our little boy back to us. Though if he were still a little boy there’s no way in all get up he’d be out on that field slamming into others! But doesn’t he look handsome in the above photo … I mean c’mon! One kid on his team got taken away in an ambulance which does not at all assist Jason’s “awww, don’t worry, no one really gets hurt” campaign. Drew did well and I’ll allow Jason to blog in this space here b/c all weekend I’ve been hearing “I can’t wait to blog about Drew’s game” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

On the home front, last Friday while I was making this current week’s menu I thought I’d add a few blogger recipes I had seen lately. One of them was this brownie in a mug recipe. I got it all ready Saturday night to discover that my crock-pot would not turn on. It was an all out kitchen emergency people! I mean, the crock-pot BROKE. I have a roast in the freezer just waiting to test out Lindsay’s recipe.

I did try this little trick for a bit of autumn. I think it turned out okay, but I still need a tray – I am waiting until I bust out my autumn bin from the garage to see what I have in there. And project wise I did absolutely nothing to further my before & after mission described below {in which my husband read that post and proclaimed “I am going to start a new post called “My wife is off her rocker – and we have too much to do!” … I see he didn’t follow through with that}. I did however, dig up the jungle and am preparing for fall planting!


  1. Sweet - thanks for linking my recipe! I'm a nerd and when I see people have linked my stuff i get all giddy. :-) I hope you get a new crockpot soon!!! Not only for my recipe, but really, how can we live without a crockpot??

    LOVE the fall decorations. I may have to do that. Oh wait...I have a boy who seems to think mini-decorative pumpkins are "balls." Ugh.

  2. Oh - and that brownie in a mug just came across my email this morning. I am SO on top of that one!!!

  3. just remember we have about three crockpots sitting in the garage....come on girl ...tap into your resources...all it would cost is a bit of the dinner you're making ;-)