Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Our labor day involved NO labor. In fact it wasn’t until 1-sih that we made it out of our PJ’s {& that in itself marks a good day!}. We had such a relaxing weekend; it was so nice to just be at home with nothing to do. I finally feel like we’re all over the worst of the colds, and if I haven’t mentioned it, I am super excited that fall is coming!

It was college football weekend, and our Bruins won {my husband will be so proud that I just typed that statement!}.

We stayed up super late to deep clean our carpets, so now they are so yummy feeling. Jay decided we should sleep out there {bedrooms are hardwood} b/c all the furniture was moved for us to clean and it reminded him of when we first moved in. We busted out the air mattress and snuggled in for the night {well, it was morning by then!}.

We had a school orientation for a Human Development class … it’s going to be a long semester.

We visited our old church which we miss but are too lazy to go to most weekends {night service after morning service is just exhausting when you have to work the next day!}. It was fun to be with friends and be in a church we love, but a weird God thing is that when I was there it didn’t feel like “home” {that’s a big thing, b/c I had a really hard leaving & creating a new “home”!}.

We grilled steaks and veggies. We wandered around the mall {Jx2 slept for 90% of the time we were there}. Can I just say I love falls clothes? And the new tart scents from Yankee candle? We hung out with friends. We watched like 4 movies {free Showtime for a year from DirecTV; no clue why!}. We talked about our Christmas card {always the planners!}. We ate chocolate cake. We leisurely did our grocery shopping. Note the word leisurely. We had Chronic Tacos for lunch one day {Andrew will be SHOCKED, he will}.

So, to sum it up --> it was just nice to relax. And do nothing. In pajama’s.

Hope ya'll enjoyed your last bit of summer!

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  1. I'm happy to hear that your old church doesn't feel like home anymore...and I mean that in the kindest of ways. I dealt with the same thing in moving here...just wondering if we'd EVER find a church as good as our old one. Well, we have found one and have been there two times and really feel like it may be our home. We went back to our old church when we visited KS a month ago and while I felt "comfortable" there, it didn't feel like home anymore, and truthfully - that was good for me to be able to "let go." You know what I mean?