Monday, September 15, 2008

Youth Photo Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday we sent 21 peeps out on a photo scavenger hunt! They had 2 hours to complete something like 18 tasks, and we had a blast. Here are a few of our favorite photo's from the day. We're hoping the full album of photos will be available on our church website album soon, so if you know that info check it out {we won't be posting a link here}. Good times! {btw, I hear the youth pastor got kicked out of CVS. Uh, hum .... }


  1. I love those!! I'll never forget one when i was in high school - back in the day when we took film to be developed...we spent 2 hours driving all over the place and then dropped our camera off to be processed. Imagine our surprise...and find out we had no film in our camera. Nice.

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