Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The blog.

Has been the last thing on my mind. So what’s been happening with us you ask … ? {& if you’re not asking you should probably stop reading now; b/c I more then likely should have just titled this post “What’s been happening with us”.} Don’t have much time today, so we’ll go with bullet points.

--> We didn’t win Potty Scotty. So, I bought the ghetto version {it was a $40 difference from retail value}. Luckily our 2 year old isn’t picky and fell in love with Mr. I am a stuffed doll who can pee. We named him Fred. And Jx2 is so taken with Fred and the idea of being the big buddy who needs to teach Fred everything. On the way to church last week Jx2 was holding Fred out in front of him {Fred was newly styling Thomas Choo Choo undies and a white undershirt} and we hear him proclaim “You look soooooooo handsome Fred!” {This is what I tell Jx2 each morning after he is dressed}. Jx2 has been impressed w/ Fred’s potty skills, but one day’s worth of work wasn’t much progress. It may take time, but I think Fred was a good investment.

--> 2 weekends ago we took our youth to the Jewels Conference, which is basically just a weekend fest of non-stop girl action. I personally walked away blessed with precious time with these girlies and a great worship setting {which reminded me it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to privately enjoy church worship – it was awesome though}. My girls pulled through with no incidents making it a stress free event. Trust me, I’m grateful! Here’s our group:

--> Today is Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day. You can check out resources at our newly redesigned website Hannah's Prayer Ministries.

--> The winds have made us sick {again}. Drew missed a game from being sick, poor boy really wanted to play too. Fall weather is proving to be hit and miss, with some days begging us to turn our heater on and other days requiring tank tops. The next few weeks will be busy, but we’re greatly looking forward to them! Hope ya’ll are enjoying your October {can you believe we’re half way through!!!???}.

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