Saturday, October 25, 2008

Riley's Farm

Today would be my favorite day of autumn {aside from the uh, 90 degree weather}. We headed up to Riley's Farm to pick our pumpkins and apples. I love the farm ... would live there if I could! :)

I know Jay & Drew pretty much go every year for my benefit, but it was so fun to see Jx2's excitment over everything. It was great to share it all with him. After all our pickin' we ate lunch in the barn and listened to the folk music, which was great, as always.

Have I mentioned this is my favorite season? We are ending the night by chomping on some homemade apple crisp {first batch of the season, but with all those fresh apples sitting in the kitchen, there's bound to be much more over the next few weeks!YUM!}

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