Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dinner with friends.

One of the hardest thing about leaving our old church for my wife was leaving the people there. We had (have) such a great community of couples our age to create great relationships with. When we got to our new church we talked to our pastor and told him we wanted to get the younger couples together. We met once in the beginning of the year, and then we jumped into Jx2, then youth and now all of the sudden it's November! Anyway, we got the group together last night for a Thanksgiving dinner and we had a lot of fun. We're hoping to get together much more next year.

We believe so much in building relationships with other couples who will hold you accountable. We have an amazing group of friends and people who became our family at our old church - and together we've endured death, births, marriage crisis's and more. We stand freezing in parking lots at 11 o'clock at night and pray for each other. We are so blessed for those friendships, and we want to try to encourage that kind of community among the younger couples at our new church.

Traci says: So, I didn't have much time and tried throwing together a thankful tree, as I've seen around. Andrew cut me branches, I sprayed painted, and my brother stole maple leaves from our neighbors. I think I liked it and will probably do it again, but more elaborate for our own home next year. For the rest of the table we just used cranberries and white candles {cranberries don't burn, ya know. It's been thoroughly tested.} Thought I'd leave a little tid-bit for my decorating gals ... ;)

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  1. We enjoyed our evening with you all too. LOVED your decorations.