Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Randomness

  • Our radio station at work has begun playing Christmas music. I first heard the tune this morning, and then it hit me that it was a Christmas song. This girl LOVES Christmas, but still I personally vote that it should be illegal to start Christmas before Thanksgiving. I am not sure I can deal ya’ll …

  • Jason volunteered to watch all the kids so Bek and I can go {alone!} to get our hair done tonight. Last night I heard him mention that he plans on putting the two toddlers in a room to play, holding the baby in a football hold and turning on sports for the night. HA! I say to that, but regardless, MY HUSBAND ROCKS.

  • I read this story and it has stuck with me all week. Jason and I even talked about it on the way to church the other day. It sort of puts things in perspective. Our economy is scary. Our family is facing a financially challenging situation in the upcoming year {and challenging is putting it nicely}. Our prayer is that through our trial God will stretch us to be better stewards with our money, and that he will teach us to give more generously to others. If you have a few moments, read the story.

  • Last night Jason turned on the TV and was flipping between news stations because Drew said he might be on {his b-ball team fed the homeless, very cool, huh?} and all we kept seeing was screaming women SUPER excited about some movie called Twilight. SUPER excited is a term that doesn’t even do the scene justice. We laughed because we have no idea what this Twilight thing is. We decided it’s because we haven’t watched TV in forever or we’re old and uncool. Probably a little of both. I think I need to google “Twlight Frenzy” and get in the know!

  • A few people have “praised” us for the way we are with Jx2. I want to say that we are very imperfect. In fact there are times I am not sure why anyone would allow us to foster parent. Most times, after 10 minutes of him screaming and spitting at me and attacking my face there’s nothing more I want to do then to scream “stop it!”. But often, like this night, God fills me or my husband with compassion. There is no Jason or Traci in our actions. It is completely God. I think God gave us that particular night b/c He knew what Jx2 needed right then, and He knew what it would do to my mommy heart. I also think He had something to teach me. I think He has moments like that for each of us daily, but we are too busy to notice. Aside from that, we get so much from this little boy in our home. WE are the lucky ones.

  • The song “We Need A Little Christmas” is playing. SERIOUSLY.

  • And my most exciting point, I joined a 5am club. Or rather Sarah challenged us, and 7 or 8 of us took her up on it {just so you don’t think there are registration fee’s or club cards, lol} – we sort of just dubbed it a 5am club. The point of it is to wake up early {if you know me well, you are already finding this HIL. AR. IOUS, b/c I typically roll out of bed at the last minute possible. I can sleep in a living room while everyone else eats breakfast around me, or in a move theater, or turn my back to the door when Bek barges in with “THERE’S ELK RIGHT OUTSIDE OF THE WINDOW” … actually, I think I got up for that one. ANYWAY, I love me some sleep}. I have had a strong desiring for more quiet time and over the last week I’ve realized the importance of rising early and sacrificing to start the day with the Lord. Not only that, I feel it allows me to better serve my family. This year I’ve had a very hard time with working outside of the home, but there’s nothing to do but be thankful for my job right now. Anyway, I’ll admit I haven’t been as diligent in my rising as I’d like to be, but I am learning {and for the record, my “5am” looks more like 6}. It’s exciting and wonderful to share it with a group of ladies who will motivate me! I’ve learned a lot this week, but that’s a different post.

Have a great weekend!

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