Monday, November 24, 2008

Motivate Me Monday

Hello 5am. Or 6am. Okay, sometimes it's "I've hit snooze 8 times already and I can no longer stand the noise". Whatever.

My 5am girlie's have been nothing short of seriously inspirational. Through our morning emails there's nothing to do but be encouraged and excited. Sarah Mae suggested we share the insights we've been sharing with each other on our blogs, so here goes ...

1. What you have learned and/or how God has spoken to you over the past week: The biggest thing I've been chewing on this week is serving gods {little g} over my God. Things like the TV, family even, books, children's sports teams, church busy-ness, my job. It's easy to say I have one God simply b/c I don't have a little statue to worship, etc. But when you think about Joshua 24:15, a verse every 'Christian' likes to claim ... I wonder if it's the complete truth for our family. I took a look back this week and analyzed. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Do we? In the daily nitty gritty of life? Or are we serving our alarm clocks, our desire for sleep, our schedules, our agendas, our wants, our money, our hobbies, our apperance, each other, our kids activities. Those are goods things, but none of them are things that should be put before the Lord in our home. Is that how we live? Where are our priorities, in what order are they listed, and what do we really serve?

2. Some advice, wisdom, practical applications, tips you've learned, etc. from the week that you think would benefit others. I am no help here. I need the tips. I was dead tired last week ... my allergies {from the fires} were no help. One thing I learned this week is that a warm drink and a candle help! I don't drink coffee, but I can look forward to a cup of orange spice tea. There's something to be said about a quiet house, and giving God your first fruits before the day begins.

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In other news, my friend Kelly's husband Dan was deployed over the weekend. The photo below is him saying goodbye to their 3 kids. To me their family represents so many across America who are sacrificing so much for our county and for us. This week I will be thankful for Kelly & Dan. Please pray for their family as Dan is deployed for 270 days.


  1. I was dropping by for a visit from Sarah Mae's 5 AM Club. I officially joined today, so my first early rising will be tomorrow.

    I loved your post and the scripture you shared. It's causing me to do some thinking and reminds of how much I need to be sharing this truth with my children... what do we really serve?

    It was nice to visit and thanks for your encouragement and insight!

  2. Hi Traci, thanks for your comment on my blog - it is so encouraging to be praying for each other (and being prayed for!) in being purposeful with our time with the Lord. I know exactly what you mean about serving other things. I think it is really important to analyse carefully and regularly, because so often when I fail to do this, I notice that my energies aren't being directed in the best ways.

    Have a great week - I'll be praying! Jess :)

  3. Your friend's husband who was deployed is a hero, and yet it is still so sad that he has to leave his family...I am so thankful for people like him.

    As for your MMM post, wow, talk about convicting. I really needed to read it! As for tips on making it easier to get up...just know you are being prayed for! I super duper struggle with getting up, and being six months pregnant with two toddlers doesn't help! :)