Thursday, December 04, 2008

Candy Garland

Several years ago we were at a craft fair {Sugarplum festival} and we saw this garland for sale. We loved it, but decided we could make it ourselves and left without the purchase. I am pretty certain my parents made us this set, and then my girlfriend and I made a set for her house.

You need:
:: plastic take-out sort of boxes like these {shop Smart & Final or Sams, etc.}
:: strands of white Christmas lights
:: colored cellophane {we used green and red only}
:: twisty ties

:: open the lids on the food boxes and run the lights in them, closing the lids
:: wrap each box in a different color of cellophane
:: twisty tie each side of the box to create a candy look & hide the cords

Easy, but time consuming! The photo above shows the garland draped on some hedges in the front of our house. We get a TON of compliments on it every year. It’s something different and festive!

For more homemade Christmas ideas, visit Simply Vintage Girl.


  1. you lost me at the twisty ties - how do you do that to a square box??

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  3. You wrap the box in the cellaphone, like you would a gift, except you don't tape the sides, only the top. You gather the sides around the edges of the boxes and put a twistie tie around the cord, so it look's like a candy. Does that makes sense? Come on over and I'll show you! lol

  4. That looks really cool!

    Thanks for the nice comment - and for praying. I haven't quit crying yet tonight. I just hate that it happened like that. I can't stop thinking "what if" either...

  5. Seriously, you need to come over and teach me your creative ways, Traci. ;-) I need a tutor.

  6. sooooo cute! i am totally going to do this! :)

  7. Anonymous12:13 AM

    The plastic wont melt right?

    1. We have used them for years and have had no melting. They've withstood rain and wind as well.