Sunday, December 14, 2008

CHRISTmas, 11 days til freedom

So here I sit as the wife and I watch a christmas movie. These past two weeks have really begun to shape me. We have had a stupid sickness we cant get rid of.

I gave a message to my youth today asking "what are we giving jesus this season?". It made me really think about what I am giving him? If I think about it, I have a lot to be thankful for this past year: a great wife, and 2 boys who I adore. It just seems though during this time of season, the world wants to suck so much out of me with the commericalism of chrsitmas.

I also sit here with a overwhelmed heart. A heart that is full of grief for our friend lost her husband this week, another family friend lost their son to cancer yesterday. On the other part, I have a joyful heart for what God is doing in our lives: the change is J, the maturity of Drew, our marriage and how God is totaling moving in it. Here is a side note to those of you who dont know my wife, you are missing out. She is an incredible women of God.

I may be rambling but I really can not get out of my head how many times the Father has lavished his love on us this year. The year has been a roller coaster of emotions. The most recent is these deaths of our dear friends. Then as most of you know, I am getting laid off in 11 days ...I call it freedom becasue Traci and I really feel this is a burden being lifted off of us. The job has been really stressful this past year and sometimes it forced itself before God and my family. The thing is we have a certain peace that God is going to to give us exactly the right job, and we are going to trust HIM.

So back to my reason for posting. I really want to experience the babe in the manger this CHISTmas. I am reminded of the verse Isaiah 9:6 ... for unto us a child is born......unto us, unto me mean for me he came down in a manger?
But, do I really live like Jesus came for me? I take it for granted too many times.
So ask myself, will I be like the wise men and bring my best to Jesus this christmas or will I get caught up in the hoopla of another holiday?

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  1. Good job sharing your heart babe! I love you mucho!