Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas open house; part two

The standard tree shot:

I tried being suzy homemaker and make popcorn and cranberry garland - but seriously, it takes forever, people! For real!

We don't have a topper, b/c ours kicked the bucket & since we can't spend any $$, we're going to have to make one. I'm thinking branches off the tree in the back yard and some spray paint. We'll see ...

I added a little something {I received @ a Christmas party} to our garland:

The reason for celebration & my favorite accessory this year {fresh cranberries}:

And this is a paper garland I made this year. Using one of my favorite words!

Merry Christmas!

View day one here.


  1. I like your believe sign too!

  2. Looks great! Oh and hey, did you know that cranberries don't catch on fire. ;-)

  3. Your garland came out great! We tried stringing popcorn one year and gave up!


  4. I have come to visit via Kimba's blog. Your decorations are lovely.
    I hope you'll visit soon. I am having a giveaway on Friday.

  5. Cranberries are a pretty red color. I love your believe banner too. Merry Christmas.

  6. Oh so creative! I like the idea of using branches for a topper. Your believe sign is too cute!

  7. Traci - the decorations look great! I particularly love the popcorn and cranberry garland! Looks fantastic - hope you have a great week leading up to Christmas. :) Jessica