Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Happy 14th Birthday to our boy!

I clearly remember being 14, and that makes this age scary! lol.

We are very, very proud of the man we see blooming before our eyes. {can you use the word blooming for boys?}. Andrew has such a caring spirit, he is funny and compassionate, and always wants to make sure everyone is smiling. He is selfless and hard working. He is an incredible athlete and an even better big brother.

We are so thankful for his laughter and the joy he brings to our family.

We celebrated Drew's b-day on Sunday @ Greenfields {which explains the "13" poster, we haven't done the "14" yet!}

Happy Birthday baby boy! We love you more then any typed words could ever express!

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  1. Happy Birthday Andrew! We hope you have a wonderful day!! Love the Zoo