Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about dancing in the rain!

Today is Jason’s last day at work.

From all outward logical perspectives, this seems mighty scary. Our economy is {fill in the adjective, mine’s not so family friendly}. Job’s are scarce. Money is tight. Pull ups are expensive and the boy refuses to become fully potty trained.

Inwardly, there is an inkling of excitement in the air. We have been praying /talking for the last several months about where we saw our future and our goals, and honestly, they didn’t include Jason’s current employer. We’ve dreamed long and hard about what we saw for our family, ministry, and our home. We were on a bi-monthly Tuesday date night awhile back and we were discussing it all. It seemed so out of reach at the time; I commented to Jason with a big facetious sigh “You’re going to need to get fired or something before we see any change.” Two days later he came home with news that he was getting laid off. He worked for the company for nearly 11 years and served in a management position. His company has since blessed us over the last few weeks with very nice gift cards, Disney annual passes, some great letters for Jason, as well as some other things.

We have no clue what’s to come. Financially, we’re okay. We have savings and an okay severance package. We’re not in a place where we can go into full time ministry, but see this whole situation as a possible stepping stone. We have the excitement of the unknown and feel that there are amazing things set before us. If you have a minute, pray for Jason to find a *great* job which will allow him to support us as well as give him the time to continue what he’s doing in the church. A positive thing is that this will allow him to be home w/ Jx2 for awhile, and we’re all really excited about that. The plan {wish?} is to have one of us home with him permanently from now on … God willing.

I am hopeful that this ordeal will teach us many things, about money and giving and servant hood. I can not wait until the end of next year when I can look back and tell you what God has done! Until then, bear with us as I post about making cheap dinners, the longing for a steak restaurant, probably my frustrations – that will surely come as time passes, and pre-adoptive placement woes. ADOPTION? Oh, I let it slip … that’s a different post for a different day {Thelma! 8-}.

Happy New Year everyone!!


  1. I can remember as a kid being thrilled when it rained - because it meant BIG puddles to jump in! Praying that you will be able to find unspeakable JOY in this "rainy" season and be blessed by the flowers that will bloom afterwards.

  2. Traci - what a great title for your blog post, you really are an inspiration.

    I will pray for your Jason and your family. Even though it's a little scary, it's kind of exciting too, huh? :)

  3. Okay, so random, but I just read your "Story Of Us in 100" and am in tears - so beautiful...and faithful.

    I would really like to feature you on Monday - what do you say? Also, are you on the 5:16 am e-mail list? I couldn't find your e-mail but maybe I'm just blind. :)

  4. What an adventure-I can only say this because we've lived it out in the past year. (My husband was laid off in Feb) God has been so faithful and we've learned so much during our time of unemployment. We always knew it was about much more than a job for us, God was (and is) doing a deeper work. Blessings to you as you go foward with open eyes to see all that he is doing. He is so good!