Monday, December 29, 2008

My favorite moments of December {photo edition}

Pajama Day's ... I think someone is fake sleeping, lol.

The Living Nativity

Christmas parties {this photo is from the ministry staff party}

Making lots of homemade gifts for friends, co-workers & neighbors

Christmas light road trip

Christmas Eve service

Christmas Eve

You think Santa will eat ALL of these cookies?

Christmas Morning

Our crazy family. It's cidar, people.


Christmas Night, finally all together 8-D

A boy’s first trip to Disneyland

What happens when you break down on Pirates of the Caribbean and what it looks like after you’ve climbed out of your boat onto the ledge and are waiting to ‘evacuate’ the building.



  1. I loved all the pics - but the first one is by far the BEST! So sweet!!!

  2. I love your blog and am glad to "meet" you. Your "about us" page is about the sweetest thing I've ever read!! Happy New Year!