Wednesday, January 07, 2009

101 goals for 1001 days.

It's all about being intentional. ;)

Things I have fully completed will be in yellow.

1. Write an encouragement note to someone once a month for 12 months.
2. Develop emergency/ disaster survival kits for my house & both cars.
3. Learn to crochet.4. Memorize 2 Bible verses a month for the year of 2009.
5. Finish the above our bed
bedroom project.6. Create a scrapbook of all the mementos of Grace & Olivia
7. Plant a new garden in my back yard w/ all shade loving plants.
8. Sponsor a child in another country for 6 months.9. Stop using plastic bottles in our home. (esp. #7)
10. Adopt a child.
11. Host dinner @ our house for “new” people once a quarter for a year. (0/4)
12. Paint my laundry room.
13. Take a dance class with Jason. (funny story, I'll share somtime!)14. Participate in one Gimme Me Your Stuff swap.
15. Write a small devotional book {even if no one but RB reads it}.
16. Renew my passport.
17. Befriend someone over 70 years old.
18. Read only library or borrowed fiction books for 12 months.
19. Talk to my RE/ Peri about having another bio baby. - this took care of itself.
20. Purchase a certificate of deposit.
21. Sponsor a missionary for 6 months. (0/6)
22. Become completely 100% debit free {unless I buy a house, I’ll allow house debit}
23. Spend 50 hours volunteering {church doesn't count}. (0/50)
24. Open my home to another foster child.
25. Swim with dolphins.
26. Spend a night in Death Valley.
27. Bring a homeless guy a bag of food for 5 Sundays. (0/5)
28. Tip a waiter 50% for incredible service.
29. Work up to 100 consecutive push-ups.
30. Take Kayaking lessons
31. Have a girls date once a quarter. 
32. Stick to my zone cleaning for 3 months straight.
33. Renew my vows on my 10 year anniversary.
34. Get a tattoo.
35. Study the act of parenting {a book a month}.
36. Have 4 picnics with my family.
37. Visit the Getty.
38. Write a letter to my state rep about an important issue.
39. Wake up early for devotion time 5 days a week for one year.
40. Notify a company when I receive GOOD customer service – 5 times.
41. Find a way to organize our digital photos, by month.42. Be exceptionally kind to someone who is being incredibly rude to me – 10 times. (4/10)
43. Get rid of our spa.
44. Take morning walks at least 3x a week for 6 months. 
45. See a dentist on a regular basis. {HATE the dentist.}
46. Start a roth IRA.47. Go to 3 neighborhood association meetings a year. 
48. Complete my prayer notebook.
49. Actually use my prayer notebook 5X a week.
50. Complete the Love Dare for my husband once a year, w/out him knowing.
51. Randomly pay for the person behind me in the drive through – 10 times 
52. Try 5 new foods. (2/5)
53. Play a board game with Andrew once a month for 12 months. (7/12)
54. Purchase 3 birthday gifts for others off of Etsy. (3/3)55. Anonymously bless a family in need – 5 times. 
56. Back up computer files once a month for 6 months straight. 
57. Start saving for a trip to Ireland.
58. Learn 20 words in Spanish. 
59. Share my testimony at least 6 times. (1/6)
60. Visit New England in the fall.
61. Take a few youth from church out to lunch once a quarter. 
62. Send a package to a solider.
63. Create “time capsules” with my family each January for 3 years. 
64. Cook fully homemade meals 2x a week for 6 months. {no processed, or convenience foods} 
65. Go skinny dipping.
66. Make my own bread once a month for 12 months. 
67. Take Andrew horse back riding.
68. Make homemade cleaners.69. Finally graduate college {just an AA, BA is to come!}
70. Don’t eat out {fast food included} for 30 straight days.
71. Take my boys to an air show.
72. Take a photo everyday for one year. (3 month/ 12)
73. Cook someone else dinner once a month{delivered or @my house}for 12 months.
74. Learn how to eat with chopsticks.
75. Take Andrew to Orange Hill {as previously promised}.76. Fully potty train J {this one might kill me}.77. Go camping 2x a year during this time frame. 
78. Build a snowman.
79. Send 30 cards/ emails/ letters “just because”. 
80. Ride a subway.81. Learn to Wii bowl.
82. Take someone up on an offer I would normally decline.
83. Create the habit of wearing my glasses more {taking Tylenol less}84. Go on a missions trip within the US {we have communities in need too!}
85. Take Jason to a NFL game.
86. Rent a convertible for a drive up {or down} the coast.
87. Learn a new word each month. (2/33)
88. Find another spiritual mentor.
89. Send 3 surprise gifts to friends, just because. (1/3)
90. Quit and only work part time. Or be at SAHM!91. Get a new stove {mine is like 20 years old!}92. Stain our dining room bench.
93. Make a bundt cake {NEVER made one!}
94. Set up an IEP plan for J95. Learn something in sign language96. Go a week without spending money
97. Donate a dollar for each goal I don’t complete @ the end of this to a charity.
98. Learn to box w/ pink Everlast gloves.
99. Eat a salad using only things we grew in our yard.
100. Start making & using my own facial products.
101. Start selling stuff on Etsy.

My time is up on October 5, 2011.

To learn more, or create your own list visit: The Home of 101 things in 1001 days.

In other news, it dawned on me as I was doing this I will be turning 30 next year. What the heck happend?


  1. I absolutely love this list. How neat! #84 is my favorite and so true!, #81 cracked me up, and I would totally read a devotional written by you. I am sure it would be wonderful. Great list!!

  2. I love this list! I look forward to reading as you check off the list!

    I also love that you're not only going to learn to box, but with PINK! Everlast gloves. Now that's intentional, baby!

    You're inspiring, Tre. I love visiting here with you.

  3. It was fun to read your goals for this year. You have some interesting and fun things to accomplish... go for it!

    As I was reading through the LPM blog last night, I saw how they are encouraging everyone to do the Bible memorization this year. So neat! I have never done a very good job in this area but God is REALLY impressing it on me to start doing this.

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I love these. They are sooo intentional. I can't wait to see when you get them checked off!

  5. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Every time I attempt this, I cannot complete the list...I just started another one and am stuck at number 25!
    It'll be neat to see things getting crossed off, huh?!

  6. Traci,
    What a great idea!
    I think I will check out the link you posted and try this myself. You have some pretty ambitious goals set up for yourself. Good for you!
    I especially love the ones where you are giving of yourself to others. It speaks volumes about the beautiful person you are inside. Thanks for visiting and leaving such a kind comment of encouragement for my goals this year. I really appreciate your thoughfulness.
    Blessings to you,

  7. and trust me I'll read it ;-) (see #15) - you rock my friend.

  8. I love your list! For #41, I have the best way of staying organized with photos. (not that you asked...)

    My picture folders are titled "2008-11 (Nov)" or "2008-12 (Dec)" or "2009-01 (Jan)" and so on. By labeling them this way, they naturally stay in chronological order within my "pictures" folder. Then when I download pictures, I put the date first (mm.dd.yy) to keep THEM in order, then label each picture. (ex: "01.12.09 - Park Day") I always know where my pictures are and WHEN the pictures were taken. "Mike and me" doesn't tell me when the picture was taken, especially if it's not in a dated folder!!!

    Hope that helps cross one thing off your list! :)

  9. AWESOME!! absolutely AWESOME!!

    - this has inspired me to change the way i have been looking at my 101 goals - the thought never occurred to me to put a deadline on them!