Saturday, January 17, 2009

Checking a few things off the list.

First off, hubs treated us to a very nice dinner @ this little French joint, where *I* tried a new food (see #52), Hachis Parmentier {if you know what that is, you'll realize it wasn't a brave choice, but whatever. It was new and good. And I'm going to figure out to make it at home.}

Second, we traveled to Golden Gate Park today using one cable car, a subway and then a transfer to a bus. Check off #80. The boys enjoyed the cable cars the most, especially Drew who likes standing on the outside.

It's midnight and the boys just ordered pizza. Ridiculous.

This is for Nana:

In non-vacation news, I've gotten a few emails about 2 bloggers and their babies. Jenna {who is a prior HP sister} and her friend Kelly {great blogger!}, can both use our prayers. Click on their names for details.

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  1. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Go Jay Jay! I hope you enjoyed your first Starbucks and there weren't any negative consequences from it. Miss you ALL. Have a great time and have a safe journey home. ~ Love, Nana aka: Mom