Thursday, January 29, 2009

My real life love story.

Bek and I spent this week as single women as our husbands went to the mountains for some serious conference ministry training. I should mention that I am really bad about being alone. I missed my man.

Since they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, I took the opportunity to spend my days day dreaming about the hubs and our memories.

In Jason’s words, I first caught his attention b/c I was a pretty girl dancing with a boy who wasn’t “worthy” {my apologies to that boy if he happens to be reading}, and Jason took it upon himself to “save” me. I was 16. Oh, if I had only known …

He dedicates songs of all kinds for all occasions, and always has. Our first song ever was “I believe in you and me” by Whitney Houston. Our wedding songs were “When you say nothing at all” by Alison Krauss {sung in our ceremony} and “Cross my heart” by George Straight {first dance}.

He showed our parents and my roommate’s boyfriend my ring before he proposed to me {at HIS birthday party}.

We broke up for close to a year {prior to proposal}. We did some stupid things, were immature and treated each other in some not nice ways. The break up was necessary and it’s the reason our relationship evolved into what it is now. We made a commitment to each other and God before getting back together.

About a year ago Jason told me that he first realized I was the woman he was meant to marry while we were broken up. I showed up at church with a different boy and it broke his heart to see me with someone else {although he himself was dating}. He says it was then he realized that his life would never be complete without me.

He has seen me at my absolute worst, yet can give me that sweet look and tell me how beautiful I am. Even when I feel more like I just spent the day washing dirty elephants.

He says these things to me. Often. How can I not feel loved? How can not feel like my prince is wooing me?

Look at this 20 year old girl with those love lost eyes gazing at the man of her dreams. That day I could have never imagined what our lives would hold. That this man would build me a shoe rack that was so crooked it could never hold a shoe, that he would get me lost in Napa and laugh with me and sing to me all night, that he would write me a song on one of our anniversaries, that he would attempt to sock a doctor out when he non-challantly popped off with "uh, I think your daughters will die", and then days later hold my hand as we picked out a pink fluffy casket. That he would encourage me with notes and messages day after day, that he would make me watch The Blair Witch Project and convince it was a real documentary. That he would come home with a box of HoHo's and a liter of Coke when he knew I had a hard day at work. That he would draw me baths, and pray for me. That he would make new friends with me, and pack my lunch, and teach me to drive a stick. That he would become a strong man of God, a pastor, a mentor. There's so much he's given me and I love him for every ounce of it.

He is my love, my inspiration. And he rocks.

p/s - Jx2 was praying for his brother to have a real good nighty night and then also mentioned his "sister" too. Hmmmmm.


  1. How sweet...This is good stuff...I think I will write our...

  2. Whoa, mama! That was one hot love story! I didn't do MHR today...although my story isn't near as romantic, I may just have to now!!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by. And what an awesome story! You are so blessed!

  4. What an amazing man of God you've found! You both are truly blessed.

    Thank you for your encouraging words. Life and death are so hard for us to put our brains around. I'm so thankful that we serve a God who understands it all. I seek refuge and take comfort in that.