Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vacation {check}, Money {uh, un-check}.

So call us crazy, but we’re going on vacation. Job-less and all. See the plan was to spend a week in Savannah last year, but those plans got tweaked. Our non-refundable tickets turned into points and several weeks ago we learned those points {over $600 worth} needed to be booked and used by 01/19. {I can’t stomach losing $600 like that, can you?}. We thought we’d fly the whole fam to one of our timeshares. Free travel + free lodging {our timeshare was ‘gifted’ to us, therefore we pay nothing, lest you be concerned about jobless people making timeshare payments while on vacation. No payments. Incredibly blessed!}. That was the plan …

Our timeshare is booked for one of the nights. What to do? We can’t spend $$ on the nice hotels there? Should we stay home? And then came a simple little email in a email box with a deal for a historic boutique hotel, which for the last 10 years has been rated by Frommer’s as the best hotel in its neighborhood. And the price? Oh, about the same as the Motel 6 I pass on my way home everyday (about $150 off!). SERIOUSLY. I quickly make a phone call and we score the very last room being offered for the special. Amazing. Not to mention both rooms will have kitchens, which means cheap meals!

And here’s the part where I think I might be a teeny bit crazy. We’re not renting a car once we get there. Parking in the city is incredibly expensive {like $40 a night}. Airport to timeshare to hotel to hot spots to wherever we want to go will all be public transportation {subways and cable cars}. Our timeshare and hotel are both smack in the middle of great neighborhoods, so they’ll be a lot of walking as well. We love adventure. That’s my motto. Except once my 3 year old is screaming his head off and my 14 year old is irritated out of his mind, I might be singing a different tune {& praying for a rental car}.

Fun, crazy stories to come. I am sure of it …


  1. How FUN!!!! Have a great time!!

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  3. Are you still headed to Savannah? That is my grandma's favorite city to visit! Have a wonderful time! Enjoy the "adventure"!

  4. Have fun and remember every minute. We live for each day to only fill with as many memories as we can and you know that at the end of the day you are a great mom for doing everything you can to ensure your children are happy.

  5. You're going to have so much fun. Good for you. I'll be praying for you!