Friday, March 13, 2009

Beautiful, beautiful life …

Given the state of the economy and our checkbook we planned on trying to squeeze into our timeshare or camping for our anniversary weekend. We still really wanted to get away together – that time is so important! How often do you and your hubs get away alone?? We’ve only had the jx2 for 11 months … but we vowed last year to still make this time a priority. What a gift to our children to provide a strong foundation of marriage in our home. Anyway – I was daydreaming about a tent, when we learned that an incredible and generous and incredibly generous person was gifting us with an amazing weekend getaway.

Here’s the view from the villa looking out:

And here's what my hubs had planted for us when we arrived:

I plan on spending my weekend in the amazing spa robe hanging for us, in the huge all natural hot springs private tub we have and in that pool watching the amazing sunset from our hilltop. Blessed beyond measure are we. Thank you!


  1. Wow... That Villa looks amazing... Hopefully you both were in good health and enjoyed every minute... The time we spend with our husbands means everything... I hope you both get to spend as many special moments together as possible. As a wife of 10+ years I too appreciate all those moments together. Loving Thoughts. Jaime

  2. Beautiful!! What fun!!