Monday, March 09, 2009

Did we have a weekend in there?

:: Saturday night I had to work. My company hosted a casino night, so if being required to fake gamble after eating a nice dinner while being paid overtime counts as working, then I worked. The heels were work, I'll admit that. But the hubs won $50in a drawing, and my girlfriend provided dice entertainment that will last for years, so it was good.

:: Sunday, our youth group hosted an open house to show the church all the work we've been doing. We've spent the last 6 months remodeling the youth rooms, and we are finally done. So much work was put into this, and it was so wonderful to see the church support our teens.

:: Andrew's b-ball team had super sectionals this weekend, which ended their final season together as a team. Next is High School{!}, so the whole thing was a little bitter sweet. Have I mentioned we think he is an amazing player?

:: Somehow, I lost an hour. Not fair, really.

:: This morning, we had our LiveScan fingerprints done to update our adoption home study. You may recall our fingerprint fiasco from last year. Doing it again made me nauseous. Here's to praying that these prints are done quickly and clearly. Amen!

:: This week: therapy for the little man, adoption home study update, someone takes another step to becoming "pastor", an IEP meeting {YAY!}, an anniversary, and a vacation/ camping trip - not really sure, lets call it the cheapest getaway we can find!. Whew ...

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