Friday, March 20, 2009

First Ultrasound

A lot of people have asked why we are sharing this news so early – typically we don’t. Typically, we are very private about matters like this. This is our 3rd pregnancy. First time ended in L&D while we held our deceased daughters, the second ended in a very physically scary miscarriage at 14/15 weeks, at Christmas. We’ve had unsuccessful infertility treatments, came to a place of great love of our lives as is and our circumstances, and were actually attempting to prevent pregnancy {uhm, well, most of the time ;-) }, and yet here we are. 8 years of marriage, against all odds – God created life. We felt it a huge disservice to NOT share this and to NOT ask you to pray. So we shared, and we’re asking for prayer.

An ultrasound yesterday showed a very small gestational sac. Which either means I ovulated late in my cycle or the baby is not growing. We have another ultrasound in two weeks to establish “viability” of pregnancy and then will probably receive a referral to a dr. that specializes in Maternal & Fetal Medicine {& to be honest, I am not really sure what that means}. We also did a lot of talking about a definite cerclage {should we get that far} and probably weekly {or monthly, can’t remember?} progesterone shots {for the girl afraid of needles}.

To me, thus far, this pregnancy feels like that of the twins. My body is definitely telling me I am pregnant, and has been {so much so, that I tried to excuse the nausea, fatigue and headaches off with the time change, dehydration and heat exhaustion LOL}. So much so, that the girl who never would guess that she was pregnant was prompted early this week to take a pregnancy test.

We don’t see this as the end of anything, but as a first hurdle, one we’re hoping you’ll pray us over.

Two weeks is a long time, eh?

"Who is the King of glory?
The LORD, strong and mighty;
the LORD, invincible in battle.
Open up, ancient gates!
Open up, ancient doors,
and let the King of glory enter.
Who is the King of glory?
The LORD of Heaven's Armies—
he is the King of glory"

—Psalm 24:8–10

What battles do you face today? Financial, relational, health, spiritual, weight issues, addiction, doubt? We do enter so many battles. Yet we are not meant to fight them on our own. Lean on the God who is described here: strong and mighty, invincible in battle. Let him enter your life, and he will fight your battles! It gives him glory to do so.

—Diane Eble, author of Abundant Gifts: A Daybook of Grace-Filled

{I don’t know why blogger keeps posting from me as Jason??? Also, I am still taking daily photos, but both our Cannon and laptop are with the geek squad for repairs, so things are running slowly here!}


  1. Praying praying praying!

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM

    you and your precious baby are in my prayers. I know the feeling of being pregnant after a miscarriage, so I will pray for you with all my heart. Melisa

  3. Anonymous11:57 AM

    I am fighting back the tears as I write to say:

    "All things are possible for those who love the Lord"!

    We will continue to pray!

    Love you guys,
    Marcus, Lucas and Liz

  4. Ellis Family11:58 AM

    When we went in for our first ultrasound - we should have been 9 weeks, but the baby was only measuring 6... the NP we saw said that even though it was so early, feeling sick and tired, although a pain, was a good sign of a viable pregnancy. So hopefully that will be encouraging for you :)

    We will be praying for you to have a very uneventful pregnancy.

  5. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I'm so happy for you guys! We will be praying hard, you guys deserve so much joy.
    Love you

  6. Praying, Traci! Love you, girl!

  7. I will be praying for the Lord to envelope the little miracle in your womb and that His will be done.

    Thank you for sharing this with us, so that we can join you in prayer.

    In Him,

  8. geez. isn't it funny that something so GREAT can be so HARD? Praying for you, and for a take-home baby! ((traci))

  9. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Hi Traci. My name is Lesley Glenn and I used to know Jason from when I was the children's minister at LLCF..many many years ago. Anyways...I ran into your web blog here from the Zandi's blog. (they are also long time friends) and wanted to ask if I could link your blog to mine? I have found your recent posts very inpirational. What a mighty young woman of God you are. I am soon starting a new blog on word studies...if you are interested you can check out my current blog for when I start it up.

  10. My prayers are with your family!


  11. wow, congratulations, and yes I will be praying... This is the perfect opportunity for the Lord to be glorified! ( His specialty!!) ♥ LA

  12. I have tears. Tears with all kinds of feelings mixed in them, happiness, hope, fear, anxiety. These are just MY tears. I can't imagine the feelings you must be having. As I read your I said out loud "PLEASE GOD...PLEASE - A MIRACLE!" That will be my prayer in the weeks, months and PLEASE DADDY GOD, YEARS to come!!

    Traci and Jason, I pray your baby is growing healthy and strong and that one day, one day you will give God the glory for watching he or she graduate with a Doctorate so they can totally hook you up with a nice little cottage.

    Becky (Qtipper)

  13. We are all here for you. We all support you. Know that God has big plans for you as a great mom. Our prayers are with you always. Please have strength and peace in knowing God will make the right decisions for you. Much love. Jaime

  14. Traci - praying for you and your little one growing inside! What a wonderful surprise!! I first "met" you on Hannah's Prayer - but I have always been more of a lurker there and I check in on you and your family through your blog from time to time. I think because I lost twins as well, in a very similar way, I am always drawn to you and how you are doing. So many of your words have touched my heart over the years and I celebrate with you as your family continues to grow! You are an amazing wife, mother, daughter, friend...and it shines through in all you say and do.

    Hugs and prayers from Indiana!