Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guest posting!

When Sarah Mae first approached me about guest posting {w/ a theme of loss}, I have to admit that I was a little intimidated. I mean, her blog is awesome! And I am not sure my words are worthy, lol. Alas, it’s done – and I am thankful for her!

Check out my guest post at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee – and have a look around; Sarah is a talented, insightful and Godly writer!

If you’re a new visitor, welcome to our family blog! We just celebrated our 8 year anniversary and have had a crazy road to get here - loss, fostering, adoption, pastoring, teenage years, and a toddler peeing into our hall closet {no kidding, it happended on Friday}. And a SURPRISE pregnancy! We recently experienced a layoff and opted to take the cut and jump into part-time ministry, so we love learning new ways to be frugal. Love crafting, baking, the outdoors, music, and anything monogrammed! Hope you enjoy your stay here!

If the issue of pregnancy loss speaks specifically to you and you're looking for further resources {about loss or infertility} please check out Hannah's Prayer Ministries!


  1. Beautifully Written. Great job Traci! As always, Thanks for sharing.:-)

  2. Oh my goodness, Traci. I had no idea about the loss of your girls! Somehow I've missed that in the short time I've "known" you. Your post was wonderful...thank you so much for sharing your heart. Now I'm going to be praying for this wonderful pregnancy!!!

  3. Traci, I came over from Sarah Mae's. Thank you for your wonderful post today. I too, lost twin girls (at 21 weeks). In fact, I wrote about them yesterday and about how we took our 5 week old daughter to "meet" her two sisters.
    I identified with everything you shared today. Thank you for your words and your testimony and allowing others to be encouraged and motivated because of your story.