Friday, April 03, 2009

365 days & Washington.

This boy was sitting in a room as we walked hand in hand towards a DCFS office. He had a pacifier in this mouth and was wearing a striped blue shirt. The front of the building is glass, so we could fully see him. I leaned over and told the hubs how adorable he was. I sat and signed paperwork with social workers who have become weekly parts of our lives, while Jason took him across the room and they played. We put him in our car and he didn’t shed a tear. He look confused, to say the least, but no screaming. Here we are just minutes after being introduced:

Today he is fully my son. And we are fully his family. I don’t think he remembers. He has grown so much over the year, and I’ve shared with you over and over the cute things he says and the new things he’s learned. He is truly a joy and has a heart of so much love and concern. It has been a pleasure to watch him mold from a baby to a boy, from anger to happiness. Here we are today:

And finally, as I type, Andrew is on a plane to DC with his school. He’s been before with us, but now he’s traveling across country with no parent attached. He’ll be there until Wednesday and we’re praying he has an amazing experience, not only learning about our amazing country, but also learning about himself.


  1. Tracy what a rollercoaster it has been. God has truly blessed your family and it's been remarkable to watch your family grow! praying for you daily

  2. Your story makes me cry every time. My heart goes out to all the kids in this world who have no one to love them. There are so many who live in this world feeling there is no Hope for them. You are an amazing family and I am proud to know of you. Your older son will be in our prayers. We will pray for his safe return to you all the wiser for learning how to handle himself without mom and dad. Love and blessings for a wonderful weekend. Love the Rafter Family.

  3. Hey girl - just wanted you to know that you WON the songs for saplings CD giveaway! yay! Send me your snail mail address so I can get it to you A.S.A.P!

    I will announce it tomorrow on my MMM post!