Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I could never have imagined.

Last April 1st I woke up next to my hubs, having no clue I was about to be introduced to a new life. If someone had told me then what life would be like now, I doubt I’d believe.

A year ago this evening, we got the phone call about a 2 year old little boy that would forever alter our lives. Today we have a second son. We are madly in love with him and have blended easily into a family.

A year ago, I was thought we’d build our family solely through adoption {someday}. I’d made peace with it and was SO excited about the path chosen for us. This morning I was 2 ½ hours late to work … I spent those hours on the tile of our bathroom, throwing up last nights dinner. I am excited to go to our ultrasound tomorrow to see what God is doing inside of me – literally.

A year ago, we were financially well, both working full time, full of security. The thought of lay offs would have scared me to death. Now, the hubs works PART time in ministry, and we are NOT looking for a full time job, b/c we feel God has led us here and this is where we are SUPPOSED to be. Financially, the cut has been easier then I could have imagined. You learn what’s important … and what’s not. Hubs is in the best position I’ve seen him in.

Thank you, Lord.

Sometime this morning I dreamt that our pastor {& friend} was my OB {!!!???, I KNOW!!} and that he did my ultrasound and told me we were having triplets. One boy, one girl, and he wasn’t sure about the other one. Maybe God likes April Fools jokes … ?


  1. What an amazing year! I continue to pray for you and your little baby. Our God is so good and faithful.

  2. Anonymous1:53 PM

    wow time flies, I still remember you posting about going to pick up JX2. I am always so inspired by you and your family Traci, you are an awesome couple living your lives for the Lord. I am so excited to see what the year will bring for you, I'm praying tomorrow will be great news, I know we serve an awesome God who answers prayer.Melisa

  3. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. I hope everything goes as you will it to. Hang in there.... Seems like your body is just preparing itself for the new baby inside. Loving thoughts on an exciting week. Jaime

  4. Aren't pregnnncy dreams weird? I have had some of the strangest dreams lately. One after another, all night long. I hope everything is PERFECT at the ultrasound tomorrow!!!