Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Firemen, my boys heart, and adoption papers.

I’ve had a lot to say, just haven’t had time {or maybe the brain power?}. In any case, let me take a few moments to share some stories with you …

Last Friday I got a frantic call that said this:

“Jay fell. We called the paramedics. Come now” with major screaming in the background.

um … okay! {He’s screaming, so he’s alive, right?}

As I was leaving work I realized I didn’t know where I was “coming” to, so I called and got a:

“The paramedics aren’t sure if they are going to take him or if we can drive him ourselves. I’ll call you back.”

um … OKAY!

Eventually, I met my husband, son, and mom at the hospital {they were all together}. Short story is Jay was running, fell and hit his head on the ridge of the bottom of the door jam. It immediately popped out, making him look like a bloody unicorn. The mere sound of it all scared my mom so badly, she told husband that they should probably call 911. Firemen gave him ice, tried to take his blood pressure but he was freaking and wouldn’t let them. Once at the hospital they did all these little tests, pow-wowed about stitches and CAT scans and finally sent us on our way with Neosporin and a sheet about concussions. His unicorn head turned into a Klingon head for the weekend, but he’s on the mend. I am happy to report that I should receive a calm mother of the year award for my performance that day.

A lady from church took this photo of Andrew and me on Mother’s Day. I love it, and think it is the sweetest photo. He is such a MAN! This boy has a heart of gold and went out of his way to make me feel special and loved over the weekend. He puts the “teenager” label to shame. What an amazing, amazing heart he has and I know someday some very lucky girl will get to be his wife {a day FAR, FAR away I might add}. He’s a special one, just like his daddy!

Lastly, we signed adoption placement papers last night, which means we no longer have a foster child, we have an adoptive placement! Things should be finalized sometime during the summer! Yay!!

{I can only get one photo to upload, the other two won’t … will work on it tonight! Sorry!}

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  1. Congratulations on the adoption! And, really, having a step-kid who loves you is the best. My Karina is 16 and I keep telling her this is when she's supposed to start hating me. But we just enjoy each other more every year. Go figure!