Friday, May 15, 2009

The post about the toliet. And love.

My husband bleaches our toilet several times a week because, as he stated to me, he fully knows “how much I visit there”. Between a billion bathroom trips in the middle of the night and spending so much time with my head in there, the toilet and I have become friends. What made me decide to blog about my toilet, you ask? Well, yesterday as I was driving home from the office it occurred to me what an amazing man I have. Not only does he do the grand gestures like packing my lunch every morning, and surprising me by starting his own blogging on our baby page … he pays attention to the details. He thinks about what’s going on in my life and finds ways to better them. Even if it’s vomiting. So he bleaches the toilet.

And I happen to think it is incredibly romantic. My husband rocks.


  1. Hey, there's no comments on the baby blog. Tell him that Naked Juice makes a probiotic drink. And I have a much easier time if I get the kids one agreed upon item at the store if they don't ask for anything else. Yes, it is bribery. But for a $0.50 bag of M&M's I can have a peaceful shopping trip without being asked for absolutely everything.

  2. He's a keeper! I'm still in the process of explaining that if you "drip", please clean it up because I don't want to kneel there when I'm tossing my cookies! Ah, the joys!

  3. That IS romantic! My hubby used to hold my hair...hahaha...the joys of pregnancy! :)

  4. Anonymous5:50 AM

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