Thursday, May 07, 2009

jeans and trees.

I finally moved some maternity clothes into my closet and clothes that won’t fit out. This was a big step for me; b/c I felt like as soon as I did it something would go wrong then I’d have to move everything back. But I had been living out of a tub labeled “preggo clothes” and can not even zip any of my work slacks, so it was time. I’ll admit I said a little prayer to my sweet Jesus that I may someday fit my booty back into those wonderful pair of jeans. My mom told me she could make a tote out of them, but I told her I was pretty certain it was a sin to cut up a pair of Sevens for toting purposes and if I don’t fit into them some lucky girl will get to enjoy slipping into them day after day. Now, for the ugly jeans with a panel, I have to tell you that I fell in love with Motherhood’s secret fit belly. There’s no way I’d wear a panel before, but these puppies roll down and are SO comfortable. Hallelujah.

Several weeks ago we had a huge, beautiful willow tree cut down from our back yard {it was affecting the foundation of our house}. Now we’re looking to have a tree planted, in a different spot in the yard, but I am pretty certain I want this tree. I have no clue what kind it is though … we’re thinking a birch? Anyone? Sorry about the photo, we were trying to not look like stalkers while photographing someone else’s house.


  1. Good luck on fitting your booty into the old jeans. I know that there are women who fit into pre-pregnancy jeans after having babies. Some get their figure right back! But I'm jealous of those ladies, so I like to pretend they don't exist. lol

  2. you best not be cutting up those sevens...i know where they came from ...;-)

  3. I'm thinking that's an aspen tree. They are BEAUTIFUL in the fall! Google them and you'll see.

  4. Anonymous5:50 AM

    I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.