Friday, May 01, 2009

What’s worse than constant puking?

Pneumonia. Spent the last 8 days out of commission with antibiotics and breathing treatments. Fun stuff. Especially while pregnant. A week with no work.

Our car broke.

Our computer’s mother board broke.

Do you think my professor will believe all of this as an excuse as to why my project didn’t get done this week? Personally, I am not sure.

Car’s fixed, new computer is up and running and I showered today. Things are looking up.

We had a high tech ultrasound screening today at a VERY NICE place. Baby bounced all around, and wanted to wave hello to you today.


  1. I've had a couple of pregnancies where I ended up with asthmatic bronchitis on top of morning sickness. Being sick and pregnant? Not. Fun. At. All. Sorry.

    Showering is very good, though. I'm glad you got one of those. And baby looks, beautiful.

    I was looking at your books to read, and I have one suggestion. Pregnancy After a Loss. I found that pregnancy after a loss had a whole set of unique feelings that really weren't covered in any other pregnancy book. And there were times that it helped me realize I wasn't crazy. I hope you're doing well, Traci. =)

  2. Sheesh, what a week! I was in the hospital with my pregancy as well with the flu. Showering definitly means things are perking up!

    Sweet baby!

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Glad to hear things are looking up, keeping you in prayer. Thanks for sharing the baby pics. Are you going to find out what your having? We chose to be surprised with all of ours, I highly recommend it, awesome feeling! There are so few surprises these days!I also know that some people are "planners" and have to know. Either way a healthy baby is what is most important. Take care, Melisa