Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I love being organized! Has that been mentioned here? {again, with the sarcasm}.

I finally feel FREE! {to do what I want, any old time!}. I paid our bills and planned some meals for the week. Such a wonderful feeling. Sad, I know.

My mom has been cooking for us 2 nights a week since I’ve been preggo, and I like to double recipes, so we eat leftovers for lunch and stuff. AND, b/c I am on bed rest, I’ve been looking for easy and cheap meals.

So, here’s what we’re having this week {gotta love the blog world, my friends!}:

Bean stew and corn bread

BBQ chicken and pasta salad

Oven fried chicken nuggets

Grilled honey mustard chicken

Bacon-tomato bagel melts

And I plan on making this a few times this week: Mango Raspberry smooties!


{Traci, signed is as Jason!}

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