Friday, June 19, 2009

High risk L&D, my behind on display and wheelchairs.

We had Drew’s graduation yesterday and apparently I over did it. I was pooped {to which JX2 asked me if I pooped in my undies or the toilet}. We had dinner plans w/ friends, Nate & Elise, but cancelled, because I felt sort of like a walrus that had been nearly slaughtered. I over did it.

And by that I mean I ended up spotting last night. It would not at all be an overstatement to tell you that I FREAKED OUT. My first thought was placenta previa. We called my mom over to watch JX2 {who was sound asleep in bed} and headed to the ER. I am only 18 weeks, so I really wasn’t sure where we’d need to be. Within minutes we were being wheeled to a high risk L&D room {which, I must say, are WAY BETTER than the regular L&D rooms, I am not sure why???? Maybe most high risk girls spend a lot of time in the hospital, so they give them extra space?} My BF met us there and snuck into the room under the pretense of being my sister. They spoke to my doctor, who didn’t want them to do an internal exam {for fear of causing damage}. They monitored me for contractions and got a reading of the baby’s heartbeat. Around 11ish I was released, with my doctor thinking that the stitch in my cervix had cause the bleeding, because … guess what … I over did it! I thought it was cute when the L&D nurse asked if my doctor knew I was coming in, and when I told her no and asked why – she said she was surprised that he completely knew who I was by mention of my name and knew details about me and my next appt, etc. I told her I pretty much seem him weekly and we’re buddies. I love my dr.

This morning 4 of us went to get “shooting Traci up” instructions, and all watched as I got my first progesterone shot in my behind. Good times! Dr. T did an exam himself, and a u/s – with my cervix measuring 41, which is GREAT.

He upgraded my bed rest back up, however I am still allowed outdoor wheelchair time. I loved, loved, my freedom and don’t want to risk it getting blown away, so I vow to be a good wheelchair participant. I had my first Target trip this week and I could have sang, it was so wonderful {aside from the cashier telling me I looked 6 months pregnant with a girl, and my 3 yr. old overhearing the F word, which he promptly repeated – and then later in the night shared it with our adoption social worker as she wrote up her monthly report.} Obviously, Drew’s graduation was incredibly important, so I am thankful to have been there and been a part of it, but I will be a good, laying down girl from now on. BTW, didn'the look incredibly handsome yesterday?

I am so grateful for our support system and for everyone who got involved last night. We are blessed, indeed.


  1. Thanking Jesus you and baby are okay! No more over doing it, okay walrus? ;)

  2. I'm with Sarah Mae on the thanking Jesus thing, Babe. And the no more over doing it thing, too.

    Spotting is ALWAYS going to freak any pregnant woman out. Especially if she's...I don't know...had a hard time getting pregnant, or experienced loss.

    Having been a mom on both full and modified bedrest, I KNOW it's hard when there are a million things to be done, to sit back and let some of them go and let others do the rest.

    Again, if you ever need anyone to commiserate with, you have my e-mail address. *hugs*

  3. Anonymous10:50 PM

    scary, scary! Keep that booty in a wheelchair or bed! :) No over doing it allowed! Glad to hear Baby E is okay. It's crazy that your almost half way there! Seems like yesterday I was looking at the pic of JX2 looking at your belly and crying tears of joy reading your pregnancy news! Take care. Melisa
    P.S. Shouldn't you be finding out the sex soon?? :) ??

  4. Oh God bless you. I was on very periodic bed rest when my blood pressure shot up throughout my pregnancy. My last two weeks were total bed rest. I hated every single minute of it and told myself, "there are women who have to do this for so much longer so stop whining!!" God bless you and I hope that all goes well.