Thursday, June 18, 2009

In which he graduates from the 8th grade.

Drew during graduation

Drew and his favorite teacher and some friends

The graduate with his proud {bio} mom and dad.

***our family! {Minus J!}***

He's a high schooler now! {Just came across some photo's & the program from his kinder graduation. Wow, times flies!}

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  1. I know I have an 11 year old. And I know Jason is slightly older than me. But having known him many many moons ago, it's a little trippy to see him there with a 13 year old son. One day I'm sure I will stop asking myself where the time went, but probably not today.

    Time really does fly, and I love the pictures with everyone looking so happy. =)

    Just out of curiosity, are you planning or are you involving your kids in Masonic Youth programs? Reagan will be 12 in July and that's the age for DeMolay. I had such great experiences with Job's Daughters I think I'd love for my kids to have that too.