Sunday, June 07, 2009

Photo Randomness

Andrew is playing with a new basketball team this summer. He’s having lots of fun, and it is sort of the last bang before high school. Here’s his new team after they won a tournament:{it came out small, click to enlarge}

Andrew is also still getting beat by his dad in backyard basketball. Here’s what that looks like:I’d show you the photo of what it looks like when Andrew wins, but that one involves nakedness, so for the sake of all involved, I’ll refrain.

This is me and Jay, hanging out on the hammock while the big boys play. Isn’t he cute?

These are my toes after my sweet hubs did his attempt at a mani, and painted my toe nails. {I have this weird thing about people touching my toes, I don’t mind feet rubs during massages, but even then I cringe when the toes are touched. Mani’s are not my thing, thus the hubs did it for me. Adorable, isn’t it? … also I hesitated to post a photo of my foot for the world see, but bedrest gets boring, so what the heck}:

This is what happens when brother does Jay’s hair. I am not sure what to do about it other than laugh.

These are our dogs who act like they hate each other, but the other day I caught them snuggling. :)

And here’s a photo of the belly last week, at 15 weeks. Pants {even yoga, maternity, whatever} are hurting me, so my mom went out and bought me several dresses. Very sweet!

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  1. I love seeing that happy family, and growing belly. Thanks for sharing, Traci. I hope bedrest is treating you well!