Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sugar N' Spice & Everything Nice

The 71.2% of you were right! Little miss Ella Brooklyn looks completely healthy with all normal heart chambers, etc., etc. She weighs about 10 oz. and wants to grow up to be a boxer {she’s no doubt in training to protect herself from her full of energy big brother}. For the majority of the ultrasound she had her hands covering her face, and from the position she was in we were not able to get any good profile shots, just alien looking ones.

We planned to announce the news to Drew this weekend by wrapping up the onesie you see above, but he ended up spending Friday with us, and we had an ultrasound scheduled, so we brought him along instead. We told ya’ll no one could hear the news before we had time with him!

Isn’t this ADORABLE!?? I can’t wait to see it on her:

If baby had been a boy, the name would have been Emerson Malikai. Jason picked the name Emerson, fell in love with it and told everyone who gave us a funny look about it {which was … uh, everyone} that it sounded distinguished. His passion for it made me love it! Boy runner ups were Hudson, Landon and Mason. Girl runner ups were Ava and I was pushing for Everleigh but Jason kept referring to it as NEVERleigh.

What’s more exciting is that the placenta is now 3cm away from my cervix, rather than ontop of it! Yeah GOD! What amazing, amazing news. I still might be labeled as having a “low-lying placenta” but it’s definitely no longer “placenta previa”.

Several weeks ago I was in the middle of bawling my eyes out from frustration when my sweet friend Miriam text me with incredibly kind words and Psalm 29:11. It was perfect for the moment and perfect for how I feel right now. I am not sure that I deserve to be this blessed, but I am thankful.

Oh, and remember this? … We picked the right color after all.

{cervix stay closed, contractions stay away!}


  1. I love the onesies so cute. I have a gift for you and can't wait for you to see it. Do you live in the same place? Great news about the placenta. Love the baby names :-)
    What a wonderful verse your friend sent you

  2. Anonymous11:31 PM

    ok gotta love the heart hands belly pic...i'm so excited traci!!! -bek

  3. Anonymous11:36 PM

    I do live in the same place. I can't wait to see it!! :) Traci

  4. This is wonderful news. After everything we've been through, I'm always happy to see healthy, more than gender. But I've been so grateful for the opportunity to experience parenting girls and boys. They are a whole different ballgame!

    You're in my prayers, Traci. I know you have wonderful support there at home, and with your family and friends who are close. But know that there are people who love you all over the place, and we're not letting you or this baby out of our prayers for a minute!

    There are going to be tears of joy here in Minnesota when you finally get to post pictures of your Rainbow Baby.

  5. I LOVE the name! It's absolutely beautiful. I had predicted Emily, but I love Ella! I'm so happy for you, and this little girl has been blessed with a wonderful family. God is so amazing and faithful!

    I would have liked Emerson too. My grandpa's middle name is Emerson, and I agree, it's very distinguished.

    We find out a week from Tuesday...

  6. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Another post filled with news of God's awesome power! Love the name, love the pics, love that placentia previa is bye-bye! God is good! So happy for you! Melisa

  7. Congratulations on a little girl! I love her name!! So happy for you all...and glad your cervix is looking good (and placenta is moving). Sending prayers....

  8. traci! i havent read your blog in a while!! So exciting!

    Ah a little girl!! amazing i tell ya!!

    praying for you!